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Congrats on taking the next step towards a healthy pregnancy! During your time working with me 1:1 you'll learn to become more aware and in-tune with your body, prepare your body for labor and recovery, implement healthy nutrition habits, and overcome stress and fears surrounding your pregnancy and upcoming labor.

If you're here, you may or may not have already been working out, but you're looking for a program that is tailored to your very specific needs during this time in your life. You're wanting to have the healthiest pregnancy possible, but aren't quite sure how to do it alone, and are looking for a coach who can guide you through seamlessly.

No matter which trimester you're in, your main goal is to create the healthiest space possible to grow your tiny human. It's never too late in a pregnancy to start implementing healthy fitness and nutrition practices, so you've come to the right spot!

Within my prenatal coaching, these are the main components I focus on:

Maintaining Optimal Posture & Alignment

Increasing Strength 

Maintaining or Improving Body Composition

Strengthening the Core

Balancing the Tone of the Pelvic Floor 

Building Up an Aerobic Foundation

Promoting Healthy Levels of Body Fat

Work on Health Improvements Without Over-stressing the Body

Implementing Healthy Nutrition Practices

Here is what you get within a 4 week period of working with me:

- Initial intake session ​

- 3-4 workouts/week with customized programming to your individual goals and fitness level

- 2 recovery workouts/week to increase your body's longevity

- Weekly email check-ins

- End of month video chat to discuss progress, programming tweaks, etc.

- 24/7 support and accountability via access to me on social media and through texting

- Custom macros nutrition plan based on your individual goals and needs as well as your current trimester

- Healthy recipe book with ideas for meals and snacks

- Supplementation guidance

If you're ready to take these next steps in your pregnancy journey, fill out the application below and we will set up a discovery call to chat about your needs and get to know each other better.

Can't wait to work with you and watch you grow!